Best car insurance for 2016 chosen by two tests

Best car insurance in the test: service only satisfactory

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

Are the eleven car insurance test winners of ServiceValue now the best choice for motorists? The answer is difficult, because another test for car insurance comes to other results . The DISQ has reviewed the service and value for money of some providers for their investigation. In the overall result, not a single company achieved the highest rating “very good”. Six providers, however, achieve a “good” :

  • VHV
  • HUK Coburg
  • DEVK
  • CosmosDirekt
  • Sparkassen direct insurance
  • Hannoversche

According to DISQ, insurers show “overall only a poorly satisfying service”. With their tariffs they know how to convince . For their price-performance ratio, nine providers get a top result. However, it becomes clear that a very good result in this category is not enough to be at the top of the ranking in the end. The HUK24, which achieves the highest score, for example, in the product evaluation, falls in the service with a “poor” by. In the end, that means “satisfying”.

Best car insurance for 2016: not just put on the test winner

On the new motor insurance test winner is due to their partly different results conditionally relied. Finally, the experts assess the providers and their tariffs according to various criteria or rely on customer experience for their test. In addition, the price-performance ratio depends on personal factors such as location, vehicle type and driving behavior To find an optimal car insurance, an individual insurance comparison is therefore inevitable. This is also useful because the insurers often turn in the course of a year at the price, so that the studies on motor insurance usually only represent a snapshot.