Car Insurance 2015: These are the overall winners of the current test

Every year millions of car owners change their car insurance. This is also the case in 2015, as many insurers have cut premiums and consumers can save so much money. A good orientation for the selection of a suitable tariff offers the current motor insurance test of the German Association for Consumer Studies.  


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

It is worthwhile to change car insurance in 2015 , because insurance prices are dropping by up to three percent. Car owners who change from a very expensive to a cheap one can save up to several hundred Euros. As a rule , the notice period ends on 30 November 2015. Until then, insured persons can switch to cheaper motor insurance. The current motor insurance test by the German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV) shows which providers offer balanced tariffs and good service . Above all, Europe is convincing.

In cooperation with N24, DtGV has examined the service and tariffs of various motor vehicle insurers. A total of 52 tariffs from 25 providers were tested in the current study on the basis of tariff rates, customer service, transparency and comfort . The costs and contractual conditions of the providers to 60 percent and the service and transparency with 20 percent each for the overall assessment are crucial.

Car insurance 2015: HUK24 scores with the best price-performance ratio


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

The current motor insurance test examines the achievements and contributions of the motor insurer more exactly. The experts examined three different customer profiles for each tariff in different regions. In addition to the partial and comprehensive cover, contributions and benefits for a pure liability insurance were assessed. According to DtGV consumers can even save up to 70 percent cost by a car insurance change in the lowest tariff .

However, consumers who choose new car insurance in 2016 should not only pay attention to price, but also insurance benefits . Because especially in the area of ​​comprehensive insurance, there are enormous differences. It delivered particularly favorable tariffs rather poor results. It is therefore important to have a good combination of performance and price. This is how HUK24 was able to score as a test winner in the tariffs segment with comprehensive protection and the best price.

Car insurance: the test winners in the category of transparency and comfort

For the best car insurance in 2015, the transparency and user-friendliness of websites also plays an important role . Therefore, the experts checked the websites of the 25 insurers. For example, the contribution calculators, information on contract terms and clarity were analyzed. Above all, AllSecur and DEVK were able to convince in the network .

Car Insurance 2015: Best Service Provider

The service area of ​​the individual insurers was analyzed by test customers. The providers were contacted via telephone and e-mail and judged on the basis of their friendliness and competence. While some car insurers offer free hotlines for customer inquiries, they are chargeable to others. It is striking that car owners can only reach direct insurers R + V24, Europa-go and HUK24 in case of damage. In addition, around 56 percent of all e-mail inquiries were answered incorrectly or not at all . But not every provider failed in this test. The best performance shows here the DEVK.

Car Insurance 2015: Use test winner for orientation

Although the DtGV’s car insurance test shows which insurer offers the best mix of price, performance, service and transparency for 2016 . However, consumers should use the current comparison only as a rough guide for selecting a new tariff. Because the tariff choice depends heavily on personal factors such as place of residence, age and vehicle model . Therefore, it is recommended for car owners to rely on a change of insurance not only on the test winner, but to compare many different tariffs individually with the car insurance calculator.


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance