Car insurance better with full or partial coverage?

ZDF WISO reported in today’s broadcast in detail on the motor insurance. When should motorists decide for the partial insurance and when for the full insurance? summarizes the most important of the current ZDF WISO tip again.

ZDF WISO tip: protection with the motor insurance

Car owners can take out comprehensive insurance in Germany in addition to motor liability insurance. You have the choice between a so-called partial coverage and a comprehensive insurance. For many, this raises the question of what protection really makes sense for their car. For this, it is important to know the difference between the partial and full insurance.

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Partial or full insurance – what makes sense?

Neither the partial coverage nor the comprehensive insurance is mandatory. Nevertheless, most drivers conclude one of these two car insurance policies for their vehicle. There is a simple reason for this: If your own car is damaged, destroyed or stolen, you will be left with no insurance cover at all costs incurred. The right car insurance can cover such costs after damage depending on the agreed services. Since even a small accident can quickly become quite expensive, today hardly anyone waives this insurance coverage.

Motor insurance: differences in benefits for partial and full insurance

ZDF WISO points out that the partial coverage only covers third-party damages to the vehicle. Insured are, among other things, fire or storm damage. In the event of theft of the wagon or insured vehicle parts, the partial coverage for the replacement value is added. Many contracts now also provide protection against broken glass and marten bite. The benefits of a fully comprehensive insurance are even more comprehensive: This car insurance pays in addition even if damage to your own vehicle caused by self-debt or vandalism.

ZDF WISO tip: Comprehensive protection with the full insurance

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

Of course, this comprehensive insurance coverage by the comprehensive insurance also has its price, reports the business magazine in the current ZDF WISO tip. The premiums for the comprehensive insurance are also significantly higher than the partial coverage by the better protection. Only for those drivers who are traveling accident-free for many years, this does not have to be the case. After all, those who receive a high damage-free discount as fully accident-free drivers often pay less for the all-round protection than for the partial coverage. As there is basically no discount on the partial coverage, a price-performance comparison is always worthwhile here before concluding the contract.

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ZDF WISO tip: save money with deductibles

Motorists can save money on motor insurance if they agree on a deductible in the event of damage with their insurance. A fixed part of the damage they then pay out of their own pocket, but their annual contribution to car insurance is reduced. In the partial coverage today is a so-called deductible of 150 euros usual, in the full insurance is 300 euros. For new cars and very valuable cars insured can also negotiate a higher deductible with their provider, so that the insurance contribution is lower. Note, however, that they can afford the agreed sum after a damage then actually without major problems.

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance