Car Insurance Comparison: Financial test rates the best rates for 2017

Car Insurance Comparison: Protected for all cases


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

The car insurance comparison of the financial test (issue 11/2016) shows that motorists can save a lot of money if they opt for the cheapest provider of car insurance. Thus, the insurance contributions for the partial coverage in the test between 701 € and 1,668 € a year .

Stiftung Warentest confirms the findings of recent years. For car owners, it is not only worthwhile comparing different insurers when buying their vehicle. Even those who have already taken out motor liability insurance or comprehensive insurance should regularly compare the tariffs and change providers if they can no longer keep up with the services or the price.

Test winner at financial test: The best deals in car insurance comparison

Unique test winner does not name the car insurance comparison of financial test for 2017. For which fares with good and very good services have the cheapest price level depends, among other things, on the place of residence, the type of vehicle, the age of the vehicle owner and the claim-free class.

However, the testers have chosen the top rates for various model cases and from these the best providers for motor insurance, partial and full insurance . Who wants to have a comprehensive all-inclusive protection with a comprehensive insurance for his car, drives therefore with Direct Line, HUK24, HUK-Coburg or Sparkassen DirektVersicherung best.

For the Teilkasko recommend seven providers. These include:

  • Allsecur
  • Baden-Baden
  • Direct Line
  • Hannoversche
  • Sparkassen direct insurance

Service: No matter if you have a third-party liability insurance, partial or full insurance – If you face multiple rates, you will generally find a car insurance offering better service or lower rates than your current insurer. Take advantage now of the car insurance comparison calculator and find quickly and easily a suitable rate from a variety of providers.

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

In case of damage Finanztest recommends a car insurance comparison

Stiftung Warentest recommends that in the current motor insurance test, the financial test for 2017 be used to settle offers, in particular, if the damage class is downgraded as a result of damage . Since the insurance premiums rise, a change can pay off all the more. In addition: Through the settlement of claims insured receive a special right of termination and can also terminate independently of the normal period. This is true even if the insurance regulates the damage without any problems.

Car insurance comparison: winner of the service

The price-performance ratio is certainly the decisive factor in the choice of an insurer for motor insurance. However, motorists are also well advised to check in advance whether the insurance for service and customer-friendliness convinced . The test institute ServiceValue carried out a competition analysis for customer orientation in its current comparison.

Of the 36 insurance companies surveyed, seven branch insurers and four direct insurers have a very good rating. According to the experts, they offer their customers the best services in areas such as customer care, claims settlement and customer service .

To count the winners in the car insurance service comparison

  • Provincial Rhineland
  • Concordia
  • alliance
  • LVM
  • ADAC insurance
  • AachenMünchener