Car Insurance: New Regional Classes Released for 2018

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance


The new 2018 regional car insurance classes have been finalized

  • For motor insurance, the new regional classes for 2018 are now available.
  • In motor liability insurance, the regional class changes for around 9.1 million insured persons, and in casualty insurance for around 5.4 million insured persons.
  • The contribution for car insurance does not necessarily have to change through a regional class. An insurance comparison can still be worthwhile.

The German Insurance Association (GDV) has published the new regional classes for 2018. These are an important feature for the calculation of premiums in motor insurance. The more damage in a region is reported to car insurers, the more expensive the contribution for insured persons residing in the corresponding registration district.

The regional classes will change in 2018 for around nine million motorists. For 5.5 million insured with a motor liability insurance, the class improves. 3.6 million, on the other hand, have to adjust to a worse classification and thus possibly to a higher contribution. Partial and fully comprehensive insurance provides adjustments for around five million customers.

How will the regional classes change in motor insurance in 2018?

For a total of 413 registration districts, there is a regional class, which varies depending on the liability and comprehensive insurance . In motor liability insurance, for example, it will remain the cheapest for drivers in the Elbe-Elster district in 2018, for example. The most expensive region is still Offenbach am Main.

The following overview shows the regions with the highest regional class 2018.

liability Teilkasko Comprehensive
augsburg Ostallgäu Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Berlin   Ostallgäu
eat   Berlin
Kempten / Allgäu    

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

High regional classes 2018 in the big cities

Compared to the provincial capitals , the regional classes in 2018 for Bremen (liability, from next year regional class 6), Wiesbaden (full insurance, 5) and Hanover (partial coverage, 4) worsened . On the other hand, the registration districts Munich (full insurance, 6) and Schwerin (1) as well as Stuttgart (partial insurance, 4) and Erfurt (5) recorded a better classification . It remains the most expensive for Berlin motorists, where the regional classes 2018 for liability (12), full (9) and partial coverage (10) are the highest.

Tip: Especially car drivers who are registered in a district with a high regional class should take advantage of the price war between the different insurance companies. With a simple car insurance comparison you can quickly find out from a variety of tariffs, which provider may offer them a better price-performance ratio than the current insurer.

Will motor insurance become more expensive with a higher regional class 2018?

The regional class is only one factor that affects the contribution to car insurance. The type class is also crucial. Here, the GDV will announce the new classification for the different car models in the coming days. In addition, the mileage, the number of years driven without accidents, the number of drivers and the age of the vehicle are among the criteria that insurers take into account in the calculation.

The car insurance can therefore be more expensive by a higher regional class 2018. However, it may also be the case that the premium increase is compensated, for example, by a better claim-free rating. Similarly, a new regional class does not automatically mean that insurance costs change.