Car insurance: telematics tariff now also at HUK-Coburg and Generali

 The new telematics tariffs will not only save young drivers

Resulta ng larawan para sa car sales

Insured persons of HUK-Coburg will benefit from the new telematics tariff “Smart Driver” . However, this initially only applies to young customers from the Rhine-Main area. If novice drivers up to 25 years convince through safe and accident-free driving, they can save up to 30 percent on their car insurance .

In “Generali Mobility”, however, the age of the customers does not matter . Generali’s new telematics option is available as an independent tariff from Generali Versicherungen and as a supplementary fare component for all age groups at AachenMünchener. Only the subsidiary CosmosDirekt restricts its “Better Drive” offer to drivers under the age of 28. Those who drive in exemplary fashion receive up to 15 percent off the annual motor insurance contribution from the Aachen Münchener. Generali and CosmosDirekt , on the other hand, regularly recalculate the premium depending on how the insured person drives.

The company hopes that these three telematics tariffs for the first full financial year, about 20,000 to 30,000 new contracts . With regard to the telematics offer of the alliance, this seems quite realistic. The insurer has counted over 10,000 new contracts since the introduction of its “BonusDrive” tariff in May 2016.

Does telematics punish sharp braking and rage?

In order to be able to use the corresponding bonus program, insured persons of HUK-Coburg must have a telematics box installed in their car . However, the installation is free and customers also get a 10% discount on their car insurance .

Generali uses an app on the insured’s smartphone. The application collects data about every car trip via GPS . “These include speed, braking, acceleration and cornering. But predictive and even driving are also relevant factors, “explains Ulrich Rieger from AachenMünchener. The app then gives drivers feedback on the journey and can thus optimize their driving style.

Both at HUK-Coburg and at Generali and Co. the collected data are evaluated and summarized to a score . The more points a driver receives, the greater his discount on the contribution to car insurance. A bad driving style is usually not punished by higher premiums . Anyone who unexpectedly brakes, exceeds speed or suddenly accelerates, must continue to pay the usual contribution to car insurance.

Data, data, data: Customers give much away from telematics

Motorists can reduce their insurance costs with telematics tariffs. But they pay for it with their data . Through data collection and transmission, they not only reveal their driving style, but also when they went where and for how long. However, Generali emphasizes that dealing with customer data “complies with the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act.” HUK-Coburg also attaches importance to secure data transmission. The motor vehicle insurer could “draw no conclusions, for example, on single trips or concretely driven routes,” it says in a press release of the company.