Gold price: So far immune to debt explosion

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In recent weeks, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements have warned two reputable and crisis-ridden institutions of growing financial market risks.

Unhappy times ahead?

Both see, among other things, the debt explosion seen since the “near-collapse” of global financial systems (2008/2009) as a major problem. The reversal of interest rates in the USA is currently causing massive problems for some emerging economies in particular, as they have become indebted in dollars and have come under considerable pressure as a result of the strong dollar strength. In this context, the IMF named above all three countries:

  • Argentina
  • Pakistan
  • Turkey

But the US should not be too happy about its supposedly relative strength. The tax cuts and spending increases announced by Donald Trump are likely to worsen rather than improve the debt sustainability of the “super-superpower”, especially since the Chinese have largely separated themselves from US government bonds in October.

Just to remind you: the Chinese are considered to be the second most important donor of the United States, with over $ 1 trillion in debt, according to the US Federal Reserve. A massive sell-off could catapult US interest rates to new heights and jeopardize the re-financing of the “extremely debt-hungry nation”.

In Europe, Italy is “worrying”

The Europeans also have a big debt problem – one more, the other less. Italy’s 65th post-war government wants to leave the “path of saving”, increase government spending while cutting taxes.

The new government of Lega and populist 5-star movement has been in power for four months now and plans for next year with a budget deficit of 2.4 percent of economic output. This would exceed the value planned by the previous government by a factor of three.

The plans did not go down well with the EU Commission and the bond and stock markets. For ten-year Italian bonds, the yield jumped to over 3.5 percent and thus has a premium of 300 basis points over German government bonds.

Within the eurozone, Italy has been considered ailing for decades in terms of public finances. In 2017, the accumulated public debt amounted to more than 130 percent of the gross domestic product (see table).

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Debt ratios of various states

Surname 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
United States
(in% of GDP)
105.4%% 105.8% 100.8% 103.2% 101.2% 100.1% 96% 91.4% 82.4% 67.7%
euro zone
(in% of GDP)
86.7% 89% 89.9% 91.9% 91.3% 89.4% 86.1% 83.8% 78.4% 68.6%
(in% of GDP)
47.6% 44.3% 41.1% 39.9% 37% 34.3% 33.6% 33.7% 34.3% 27%
(in% of GDP)
253% 250.4% 248% 249.1% 244.5% 238% 231.6% 215.8% 210.2% 191.8%
(in% of GDP)
64.1% 68.2% 71% 74.7% 77.5% 79.9% 78.7% 81% 72.6% 65.1%
Great Britain
(in% of GDP)
85.3% 82.6% 82.9% 80.5% 78.6% 75.1% 71.4% 64.6% 50.1% 35.4%
(in% of GDP)
97% 96.6% 95.6% 94.9% 92.3% 89.5% 85.2% 81.6% 78.9% 68%
(in% of GDP)
131.8% 132% 131.5% 131.8% 129% 123.3% 116.5% 115.4% 112.5% 102.4%
(in% of GDP)
98.3% 99% 99.4% 100.4% 95.5% 85.7% 69.5% 60.1% 52.8% 39.5%
(in% of GDP)
125.7% 129.9% 128.8% 130.6% 129% 126.2% 111.4% 96.2% 83.6% 71.7%
(in% of GDP)
178.6% 180.8% 176.8% 178.9% 177.4% 159.6% 172.1% 146.2% 126.7% 109.4%

Source: Trading Economics

Among the particularly unsound, financed eurozone countries, only Greece has an even miserable quota (178.6 percent). Even Spain (98.3 percent) and Portugal (125.7 percent) are better placed than the Italians.

Because Italy’s economy still represents the third largest economy in the eurozone despite several years of “infirmity”, everyone should realize that the rescue packages would not be sufficient for this member state.

The risk of a renewed euro crisis can therefore not be denied. So far, the long-standing crisis protection gold has not benefited from the increased uncertainties. Above all, its biggest advantage over bonds is that it has no counterparty risk and has never suffered a total loss. This purchase argument is sought in other asset classes in vain.

Outlook for the current week

Under the aspect of US sovereign debt , Tuesday should be relatively exciting. In that case, the world of finance learns to what extent foreign countries acquired US government bonds in the month of August. In July, net purchases totaling nearly $ 19 billion were reported. Of course, top-rated government bonds are part of a solid, structured portfolio of securities.

The question is: how much should they be weighted? The fact that prices have been manipulated upward and yields have been manipulated downwards by the ultra-expansionary monetary policy of the central banks points to the danger of blistering.

Investors should not forget this. You can not really speak of a “bubble problem” with gold. As an insurance policy against a comeback of financial crises is “old-fashioned gold” in the form of bars or coins always.


Mortgages plummet in Spain due to credit restriction and cash payments

Mortgages plummet in Spain due to credit restriction and cash payments

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  • The signing of mortgage contracts has fallen by 31% in one year, but less than in the previous month, according to the INE.
  • From the Spanish Mortgage Association (AHE), they note that the offer has been restricted and is now limited to “very solvent clients”.
  • Fotocasa analysts point out “Not only are less mortgages granted, but they are granted for much less.
  • Analysts and economists consulted by this newspaper argue that the mortgage loan will begin to grow slowly in 2014.


The mortgage is the key to the owner of a home.

The signing of new mortgages in Spain has accumulated 41 consecutive months of falls in interannual installments. Only last month, this was a year at the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Not only are you signed up for smaller amounts of money.

Of the 14,856 homes mortgaged in September, a figure 5.5% lower than the amount of September 2012. “Not only less mortgages are granted, but also the date of the INE show once again that they are granted for much less money, “says Beatriz Toribio, head of Estudios de Fotocasa. In total, the bank has used 1,445 million euros to finance the acquisition of apartments, houses and apartments, 34.7% less than in the same month of the previous year.

The total number of mortgages was at 0.54%, the average interest rate stood at 4.31%, 4.7%, higher than that registered in the same month of 2012 ” , point out the FOtocasa technicians.

So much has fallen the Spanish mortgage market has fallen to pre-crisis levels. In the date of the Bank of Spain, the total amount was reduced in September by 4.5% compared to 2012. Households, as well, managed to de-borrow more than 40,000 million euros, the lowest level since February 2007 strangulation and the economic difficulties experienced by millions of the Spanish market, although it is not the only reason, as experts and analysts consulted by point out.

The credit tap, closed

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Not only families are in the process of reducing their debt; also the Spanish banking sector. This is the process of reduction of its credit grant. The macroeconomic environment and the euro crisis have also not helped to turn the tap on.

Sovereign debt registered as a result of the crisis of the euro and the norms approved by the international authorities (the new regulation of Basel III) and II) “together with the Spanish Mortgage Association (AHE) concludes.

Less solvent customers

On the supply side, entities have difficulties in giving more credit. Also on the demand side (the clients), high levels of unemployment and the fall of a large number of households. “From the AHE.”, Explained from the AHE, “The debt capacity of households was impaired by the decrease in their average net income”.

“Requirements from the mortgage company said”. Not only is there ever less demand for mortgage loans, but the conditions for accessing it are tougher. “As detailed from Fotocasa.”

The cost of financing has become more expensive for banks, which has increased credit spreads from 0.5% to 3%. , The Spanish Mortgage Association, with the current levels of unemployment and economic deterioration. mortgage delinquency in Spain exceeded the 5% barrier for the first time in September.

More cash payments

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The high cost of financing to acquire a home has reduced the signature of mortgages and also by the boom of cash payments, those that do not require any credit. “Nearly the same operations are closed in cash as with mortgages,” says Beatriz Toribio.

Several reasons explain the “drastic” increase in those who pay for their housing in cash, as José García Montalvo, economics professor, points out in an article published by the Savings Banks Foundation (Funcas): “First, the sharp reduction in the property In addition, banks have “adjusted their risk parameters”.

Another cause of the increase in payment in the hand comes from abroad. “Foreign buyers are back to the Spanish real estate sector,” says Professor García Montalvo, although he says that Along with foreigners, during the last few months, the arrival of investment funds has increased, interested in properties and promotions in the Spanish territory.

Slow recovery

When will the mortgage loans increase again? The industry is already normalizing during this year. “If the economy recovers we will see an opening of the tap from the next year, although the next few months will continue to be declines”, warn sources of the AHE.

What is cashflow?

What is cashflow?

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Cash flow is one of the main indicators of the financial state of a company that you have to know

If you are self-employed or have an SME, you can finance the most usual payments of your business. More information

We can define the cashflow as the cash flow.or treasury, although more than a definition is a translation. We will see what information is available on the financial status of our business or company.

A businessman or a manager who knows how to read a balance sheet, is a profit and loss account, is something inexcusable nowadays, no matter how financial is not within his competence. But this is not enough, you have to know how to match it with reality. And the reality is liquidity, the treasury. And what is cashflow?

It is a term that is still used, although it has given way to the advance of others such as EBITDA. In any case, the most important thing is to understand the reasons why it is used, its limitations and how we can use it. In these points we will focus instead of delving into classifications and ways of calculating it,

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The accounting and the cash

One of the main problems when carrying out an accounting analysis is to reconcile with our financial reality. This is the case for the first impression of their accounts, which have empty boxes. In times of crisis, beyond the results, the treasury of the company is taken care of, and that is where we started to run into the concept of cashflow.

We can define the cash flow as the cash flow or treasury. But that, more than a definition, becomes a translation. So let’s look at what usually happens in schools.

Cashflow: Profit + amortizations + provisions

As we can see, a cash flow is an indicator in which amortizations and provisions are added to the benefits in a given period. Why is this done? If we understand the answer to this question, we will begin to realize the task that lies ahead and the size of the problem.

Depreciation is not an outflow of money. They imply a reduction in the result of the year, but do not imply a disbursement. The cash, the treasury is still there. The same happens with provisions.

As we can begin to imagine, which is of capital importance. But it will not be so easy.

Click & Pay Credit Limit: pay taxes, payroll and suppliers: more information

What’s the point of talking about cash flow?

Going beyond the benefits and getting to talk about cashflow can be very useful. It is a first step to know our financial health, the progress of it, its evolution. And we can get to answer the questions about whether we will be able to fulfill our payment commitments.

Do we generate enough cash to meet our suppliers? And with our creditors? How will an investment impact the expected cash flow?

Due to the origin of the different types of cash flow will be due to the origin: the operational call, the one coming from investments or divestments and that derived from financial operations. .

Image result for cashflow

The limitations to calculate the cash flow

The formula that we have given to calculate the cashflow is the best known and pledged, is the so-called accounting cash flow. It may be interesting, especially for comparative purposes, and it is given by the accrual rule.

The key is that accounting being a treasury, and this is not the case in reality. That we have billed to salt and we have actually collected it. It is a very good thing that it is a deferred sale, and therefore, part of the sales of an exercise. And if things go wrong, those deferred sales will not be charged and we have already counted them as one euro more in our pockets.

It is about understanding its limitations and it is about understanding its limitations. This is the case for direct or indirect estimation of our treasury flows (in situ study of the treasury, evolution of the State of Origin and Applications of Funds, etc.). ).

The limitations of accounting make it necessary to equip them with instruments, whatever they may be, to test the current and anticipated levels of treasury.

Car Insurance Comparison: Financial test rates the best rates for 2017

Car Insurance Comparison: Protected for all cases


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

The car insurance comparison of the financial test (issue 11/2016) shows that motorists can save a lot of money if they opt for the cheapest provider of car insurance. Thus, the insurance contributions for the partial coverage in the test between 701 € and 1,668 € a year .

Stiftung Warentest confirms the findings of recent years. For car owners, it is not only worthwhile comparing different insurers when buying their vehicle. Even those who have already taken out motor liability insurance or comprehensive insurance should regularly compare the tariffs and change providers if they can no longer keep up with the services or the price.

Test winner at financial test: The best deals in car insurance comparison

Unique test winner does not name the car insurance comparison of financial test for 2017. For which fares with good and very good services have the cheapest price level depends, among other things, on the place of residence, the type of vehicle, the age of the vehicle owner and the claim-free class.

However, the testers have chosen the top rates for various model cases and from these the best providers for motor insurance, partial and full insurance . Who wants to have a comprehensive all-inclusive protection with a comprehensive insurance for his car, drives therefore with Direct Line, HUK24, HUK-Coburg or Sparkassen DirektVersicherung best.

For the Teilkasko recommend seven providers. These include:

  • Allsecur
  • Baden-Baden
  • Direct Line
  • Hannoversche
  • Sparkassen direct insurance

Service: No matter if you have a third-party liability insurance, partial or full insurance – If you face multiple rates, you will generally find a car insurance offering better service or lower rates than your current insurer. Take advantage now of the car insurance comparison calculator and find quickly and easily a suitable rate from a variety of providers.

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

In case of damage Finanztest recommends a car insurance comparison

Stiftung Warentest recommends that in the current motor insurance test, the financial test for 2017 be used to settle offers, in particular, if the damage class is downgraded as a result of damage . Since the insurance premiums rise, a change can pay off all the more. In addition: Through the settlement of claims insured receive a special right of termination and can also terminate independently of the normal period. This is true even if the insurance regulates the damage without any problems.

Car insurance comparison: winner of the service

The price-performance ratio is certainly the decisive factor in the choice of an insurer for motor insurance. However, motorists are also well advised to check in advance whether the insurance for service and customer-friendliness convinced . The test institute ServiceValue carried out a competition analysis for customer orientation in its current comparison.

Of the 36 insurance companies surveyed, seven branch insurers and four direct insurers have a very good rating. According to the experts, they offer their customers the best services in areas such as customer care, claims settlement and customer service .

To count the winners in the car insurance service comparison

  • Provincial Rhineland
  • Concordia
  • alliance
  • LVM
  • ADAC insurance
  • AachenMünchener


Car insurance: telematics tariff now also at HUK-Coburg and Generali

 The new telematics tariffs will not only save young drivers

Resulta ng larawan para sa car sales

Insured persons of HUK-Coburg will benefit from the new telematics tariff “Smart Driver” . However, this initially only applies to young customers from the Rhine-Main area. If novice drivers up to 25 years convince through safe and accident-free driving, they can save up to 30 percent on their car insurance .

In “Generali Mobility”, however, the age of the customers does not matter . Generali’s new telematics option is available as an independent tariff from Generali Versicherungen and as a supplementary fare component for all age groups at AachenMünchener. Only the subsidiary CosmosDirekt restricts its “Better Drive” offer to drivers under the age of 28. Those who drive in exemplary fashion receive up to 15 percent off the annual motor insurance contribution from the Aachen Münchener. Generali and CosmosDirekt , on the other hand, regularly recalculate the premium depending on how the insured person drives.

The company hopes that these three telematics tariffs for the first full financial year, about 20,000 to 30,000 new contracts . With regard to the telematics offer of the alliance, this seems quite realistic. The insurer has counted over 10,000 new contracts since the introduction of its “BonusDrive” tariff in May 2016.

Does telematics punish sharp braking and rage?

In order to be able to use the corresponding bonus program, insured persons of HUK-Coburg must have a telematics box installed in their car . However, the installation is free and customers also get a 10% discount on their car insurance .

Generali uses an app on the insured’s smartphone. The application collects data about every car trip via GPS . “These include speed, braking, acceleration and cornering. But predictive and even driving are also relevant factors, “explains Ulrich Rieger from AachenMünchener. The app then gives drivers feedback on the journey and can thus optimize their driving style.

Both at HUK-Coburg and at Generali and Co. the collected data are evaluated and summarized to a score . The more points a driver receives, the greater his discount on the contribution to car insurance. A bad driving style is usually not punished by higher premiums . Anyone who unexpectedly brakes, exceeds speed or suddenly accelerates, must continue to pay the usual contribution to car insurance.

Data, data, data: Customers give much away from telematics

Motorists can reduce their insurance costs with telematics tariffs. But they pay for it with their data . Through data collection and transmission, they not only reveal their driving style, but also when they went where and for how long. However, Generali emphasizes that dealing with customer data “complies with the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act.” HUK-Coburg also attaches importance to secure data transmission. The motor vehicle insurer could “draw no conclusions, for example, on single trips or concretely driven routes,” it says in a press release of the company.


Car Insurance: Type classes will change for these cars in 2018

Car insurance: Type classes for 2018 announce contribution adjustments


Resulta ng larawan para sa car protection

  • At around fifty percent of cars with comprehensive insurance change the type classes at the turn of the year, in motor vehicle liability, it is about a quarter of the vehicle models.
  • For many motorists this means that their insurance premiums may change at the turn of the year.
  • With a car insurance comparison, motorists have the opportunity to find a car insurance on more favorable terms.

At the turn of the year, many motorists make contributions to motor insurance and partial or full insurance. On the one hand, this is due to a better claim-free class . On the other hand, insurers adjust the so-called regional and type classes every year. After the German Insurance Association (GDV) has already announced the regional classes for next year, the new motor insurance type classes for 2018 will now follow.

Car Insurance: High and Low Type Classes 2018

Motorists, who are currently considering buying a new car, should note that the type classes are based on different vehicle characteristics. SUVs and high-powered luxury-class models will incur significant insurance costs for repairs or theft of the car. The GDV calls here, for example, the Range Rover 3.0 TD, the Lexus NX 300 H or new models of the BMW 730D .

Depending on the exact version, these vehicles fall into the highest type classes. Accordingly, the car owners have to reckon with high costs for their insurance. On the other hand, the low-budget compact cars include, among others, the Peugeot 108 1.0, the Citroen C4 Cactus 1.2 or the Kia Picanto 1.0 .

Service: Are you worried about a price increase at the turn of the year or are you looking for a cheap car insurance with strong benefits for your new car? Use the car fare comparison and find suitable offers.

How strongly do the type classes 2018 change in motor insurance?


Resulta ng larawan para sa car protection

For many drivers, the type classes do not change at the turn of the year. For motor third -party liability insurance , everything remains the same for three-quarters of vehicle models . In the case of comprehensive insurance, about half of the vehicle types are adjusted.

Significantly better is the type class for liability and comprehensive insurance, for example for the following models:

  • Dacia Logan Combi 0.9
  • Seat Leon ST 1.8 TSI and ST 1.4 TSI
  • BMW X1 SDrive 18D

On the other hand, things are going up for these types of vehicles:

  • Opel Corsa-E 1.2
  • BMW 114l
  • Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDI four-wheel drive
  • Mini One 1.2
  • Mercedes C 180 Coupe

Worse type class: What can car owners do?

If a vehicle is rated better or worse, the 2018 type class usually only changes by one level . There are exceptions though. The BMW 114l and the Jeep Renegade 1.4 T will be classified in the next year in motor insurance third class categories worse. That means a change from 15 to 18 for the BMW and the Jeep from 16 to 19 .

In the event of a deterioration of the type class, it is advisable for motorists to check whether there is any other potential for savings . Thus, the insurance premiums can often be significantly reduced by switching to a cheaper provider . In addition, motor insurers offer various discounts. If these have not been fully exploited, it is worth contacting the previous insurer and requesting a reduction in the contributions .


Car insurance Comparison of Stiftung Warentest: Saving is always possible

Car insurance Comparison of Stiftung Warentest: Saving is always possible

Most drivers can change their car insurance until 30th November. A comparison of Stiftung Warentest now shows that they should take advantage of this opportunity. Because between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance are more than 1,000 euros. Even drivers who are already customers of a good car insurance should not waive the annual comparison. 


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

  • Stiftung Warentest has compared 159 car insurance companies from 72 providers in a comparison.
  • The test shows that the price range between insurers is very large.
  • Voluntary motorists should therefore compare different motor insurance with each other in order to find their optimal protection.

Hundreds of thousands of drivers change their car insurance every year in November. Because with a new car insurance can save a lot of money. This is confirmed by the current comparison of Stiftung Warentest. For the Financial Test Issue 11/2017, the consumer organization reviewed 1 59 tariffs of 72 insurers in terms of their costs.

Depending on the model customer, the price range between insurers is huge. A 19-year-old novice driver, who wants a motor third-party liability insurance with a partial comprehensive insurance, pays a whopping 1,183 euros per year for the car insurance with Baden Badener (“Komfort”) and the DA German General (“Komfort including supplement”). However, according to the Stiftung Warentest comparison, the most expensive provider demands € 2,852. This corresponds to savings potential of more than 1,600 euros.

Even with other model customers, the savings are great when motorists opt for the cheapest instead of the most expensive car insurance. As a result, a 48-year-old father could save 588 euros a year on liability and part comprehensive insurance, as well as a 70-year-old who wants to protect his car with comprehensive insurance.

Car Insurance: Comparison of Stiftung Warentest shows cheap providers


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

Stiftung Warentest used different model customers for their comparison. Depending on their age, they are in damage-free class 2, 15 or 30, drive 15,000 kilometers per year and live in a place with a middle regional class. Subsequently, the testers compared the contribution level of the respective car insurance with the average . 40-year-old motorists who want to arrange a new liability including comprehensive insurance, for example, in Verti (“Classic” and “Premium”) pay a much better contribution than other providers.

A favorable motor insurance for both 20- and 40- and 70-year-olds offer according to the motor insurance test among other things, these insurers:

  • Baden Baden (“comfort”)
  • CosmosDirekt (“Basis”)
  • DA German General (“comfort”)
  • Europe (“comfort”)
  • HDI (“Motor-Plus”)

Service: Find a cheap car insurance now with the comparison calculator from a variety of tariffs.


Pay attention to minimum benefits for motor insurance


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

All car insurances that Stiftung Warentest has compared to each other must offer certain benefits. The coverage is, for example, at least 100 million euros, the motor vehicle liability pays even for damage with the car abroad and in the partial comprehensive insurance barks are including consequential damages and collisions with animals of all kinds insured. In addition, gross negligence caused damage is covered.
If motorists have found a suitable motor insurance, they can further reduce their contribution, for example

  • a workshop binding,
  • a deductible (partial coverage 150 euros, full insurance 300 euros) or
  • an annual payment of contributions

arrange. This often leads to discounts. In addition, there are further parameters that allow insured persons to reduce their car insurance costs.

Tip: Even if you are satisfied with your car insurance, the current comparison of Stiftung Warentest still advises you to check with the insurer . “Indicate your willingness to terminate in the telephone call. Some insurers then offer their existing customers low-priced new-customer tariffs, “says the consumer organization.


Car Insurance: New Regional Classes Released for 2018

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance


The new 2018 regional car insurance classes have been finalized

  • For motor insurance, the new regional classes for 2018 are now available.
  • In motor liability insurance, the regional class changes for around 9.1 million insured persons, and in casualty insurance for around 5.4 million insured persons.
  • The contribution for car insurance does not necessarily have to change through a regional class. An insurance comparison can still be worthwhile.

The German Insurance Association (GDV) has published the new regional classes for 2018. These are an important feature for the calculation of premiums in motor insurance. The more damage in a region is reported to car insurers, the more expensive the contribution for insured persons residing in the corresponding registration district.

The regional classes will change in 2018 for around nine million motorists. For 5.5 million insured with a motor liability insurance, the class improves. 3.6 million, on the other hand, have to adjust to a worse classification and thus possibly to a higher contribution. Partial and fully comprehensive insurance provides adjustments for around five million customers.

How will the regional classes change in motor insurance in 2018?

For a total of 413 registration districts, there is a regional class, which varies depending on the liability and comprehensive insurance . In motor liability insurance, for example, it will remain the cheapest for drivers in the Elbe-Elster district in 2018, for example. The most expensive region is still Offenbach am Main.

The following overview shows the regions with the highest regional class 2018.

liability Teilkasko Comprehensive
augsburg Ostallgäu Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Berlin   Ostallgäu
eat   Berlin
Kempten / Allgäu    

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

High regional classes 2018 in the big cities

Compared to the provincial capitals , the regional classes in 2018 for Bremen (liability, from next year regional class 6), Wiesbaden (full insurance, 5) and Hanover (partial coverage, 4) worsened . On the other hand, the registration districts Munich (full insurance, 6) and Schwerin (1) as well as Stuttgart (partial insurance, 4) and Erfurt (5) recorded a better classification . It remains the most expensive for Berlin motorists, where the regional classes 2018 for liability (12), full (9) and partial coverage (10) are the highest.

Tip: Especially car drivers who are registered in a district with a high regional class should take advantage of the price war between the different insurance companies. With a simple car insurance comparison you can quickly find out from a variety of tariffs, which provider may offer them a better price-performance ratio than the current insurer.

Will motor insurance become more expensive with a higher regional class 2018?

The regional class is only one factor that affects the contribution to car insurance. The type class is also crucial. Here, the GDV will announce the new classification for the different car models in the coming days. In addition, the mileage, the number of years driven without accidents, the number of drivers and the age of the vehicle are among the criteria that insurers take into account in the calculation.

The car insurance can therefore be more expensive by a higher regional class 2018. However, it may also be the case that the premium increase is compensated, for example, by a better claim-free rating. Similarly, a new regional class does not automatically mean that insurance costs change.


Car Insurance 2015: These are the overall winners of the current test

Every year millions of car owners change their car insurance. This is also the case in 2015, as many insurers have cut premiums and consumers can save so much money. A good orientation for the selection of a suitable tariff offers the current motor insurance test of the German Association for Consumer Studies.  


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

It is worthwhile to change car insurance in 2015 , because insurance prices are dropping by up to three percent. Car owners who change from a very expensive to a cheap one can save up to several hundred Euros. As a rule , the notice period ends on 30 November 2015. Until then, insured persons can switch to cheaper motor insurance. The current motor insurance test by the German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV) shows which providers offer balanced tariffs and good service . Above all, Europe is convincing.

In cooperation with N24, DtGV has examined the service and tariffs of various motor vehicle insurers. A total of 52 tariffs from 25 providers were tested in the current study on the basis of tariff rates, customer service, transparency and comfort . The costs and contractual conditions of the providers to 60 percent and the service and transparency with 20 percent each for the overall assessment are crucial.

Car insurance 2015: HUK24 scores with the best price-performance ratio


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

The current motor insurance test examines the achievements and contributions of the motor insurer more exactly. The experts examined three different customer profiles for each tariff in different regions. In addition to the partial and comprehensive cover, contributions and benefits for a pure liability insurance were assessed. According to DtGV consumers can even save up to 70 percent cost by a car insurance change in the lowest tariff .

However, consumers who choose new car insurance in 2016 should not only pay attention to price, but also insurance benefits . Because especially in the area of ​​comprehensive insurance, there are enormous differences. It delivered particularly favorable tariffs rather poor results. It is therefore important to have a good combination of performance and price. This is how HUK24 was able to score as a test winner in the tariffs segment with comprehensive protection and the best price.

Car insurance: the test winners in the category of transparency and comfort

For the best car insurance in 2015, the transparency and user-friendliness of websites also plays an important role . Therefore, the experts checked the websites of the 25 insurers. For example, the contribution calculators, information on contract terms and clarity were analyzed. Above all, AllSecur and DEVK were able to convince in the network .

Car Insurance 2015: Best Service Provider

The service area of ​​the individual insurers was analyzed by test customers. The providers were contacted via telephone and e-mail and judged on the basis of their friendliness and competence. While some car insurers offer free hotlines for customer inquiries, they are chargeable to others. It is striking that car owners can only reach direct insurers R + V24, Europa-go and HUK24 in case of damage. In addition, around 56 percent of all e-mail inquiries were answered incorrectly or not at all . But not every provider failed in this test. The best performance shows here the DEVK.

Car Insurance 2015: Use test winner for orientation

Although the DtGV’s car insurance test shows which insurer offers the best mix of price, performance, service and transparency for 2016 . However, consumers should use the current comparison only as a rough guide for selecting a new tariff. Because the tariff choice depends heavily on personal factors such as place of residence, age and vehicle model . Therefore, it is recommended for car owners to rely on a change of insurance not only on the test winner, but to compare many different tariffs individually with the car insurance calculator.


Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

Car insurance better with full or partial coverage?

ZDF WISO reported in today’s broadcast in detail on the motor insurance. When should motorists decide for the partial insurance and when for the full insurance? summarizes the most important of the current ZDF WISO tip again.

ZDF WISO tip: protection with the motor insurance

Car owners can take out comprehensive insurance in Germany in addition to motor liability insurance. You have the choice between a so-called partial coverage and a comprehensive insurance. For many, this raises the question of what protection really makes sense for their car. For this, it is important to know the difference between the partial and full insurance.

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

Partial or full insurance – what makes sense?

Neither the partial coverage nor the comprehensive insurance is mandatory. Nevertheless, most drivers conclude one of these two car insurance policies for their vehicle. There is a simple reason for this: If your own car is damaged, destroyed or stolen, you will be left with no insurance cover at all costs incurred. The right car insurance can cover such costs after damage depending on the agreed services. Since even a small accident can quickly become quite expensive, today hardly anyone waives this insurance coverage.

Motor insurance: differences in benefits for partial and full insurance

ZDF WISO points out that the partial coverage only covers third-party damages to the vehicle. Insured are, among other things, fire or storm damage. In the event of theft of the wagon or insured vehicle parts, the partial coverage for the replacement value is added. Many contracts now also provide protection against broken glass and marten bite. The benefits of a fully comprehensive insurance are even more comprehensive: This car insurance pays in addition even if damage to your own vehicle caused by self-debt or vandalism.

ZDF WISO tip: Comprehensive protection with the full insurance

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance

Of course, this comprehensive insurance coverage by the comprehensive insurance also has its price, reports the business magazine in the current ZDF WISO tip. The premiums for the comprehensive insurance are also significantly higher than the partial coverage by the better protection. Only for those drivers who are traveling accident-free for many years, this does not have to be the case. After all, those who receive a high damage-free discount as fully accident-free drivers often pay less for the all-round protection than for the partial coverage. As there is basically no discount on the partial coverage, a price-performance comparison is always worthwhile here before concluding the contract.

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ZDF WISO tip: save money with deductibles

Motorists can save money on motor insurance if they agree on a deductible in the event of damage with their insurance. A fixed part of the damage they then pay out of their own pocket, but their annual contribution to car insurance is reduced. In the partial coverage today is a so-called deductible of 150 euros usual, in the full insurance is 300 euros. For new cars and very valuable cars insured can also negotiate a higher deductible with their provider, so that the insurance contribution is lower. Note, however, that they can afford the agreed sum after a damage then actually without major problems.

Resulta ng larawan para sa car insurance